Picture book

We proudly present some of the dogs we bred and other dogs that were very important to our kennel.
If you'd like to see your own dog on this page, don't hesitate to mail us.

Gary v.d. Ostpark reached the age of 14.
He had a wonderful personality and you can find him in the pedigrees of several champions.

Diana v.d. Boxerpforte was one of the founding females of our kennel. 
She also became 14 years old together with her buddy Gary.

Tamie Van de Boksdoorn. 
She won 18 times CACIB and became Belgian Winner.

Quirientje Van de Boksdoorn is an extremely sweet Boxer. 
She won no less than 58 first titles in dogshows and is Europasiegerin on top of that.

Toekaan Van de Boksdoorn is our
Multichampion and also Europasieger.

Tikki Van de Boksdoorn was a first class pure-blood stud dog.  
Tikki is Belgian and Luxemburg Champion.

Norbert Van de Boksdoorn is Belgian and Indian Champion
and became King of the Belgian Boxerclub.

Timmie Van de Boksdoorn is living in IsraŽl

Eur. Ch. Lolita Beit Hollandia
Daughter of Timmie Van de Boksdoorn

Ruben Van de Boksdoorn - a beautiful, fiery Boxer

Velvet Van de Boksdoorn is Belgian and Luxemburg Champion and Belgian Winner.

Tito Van de Boksdoorn

Vito Van de Boksdoorn
Zidaan Van de Boksdoorn
Oliander Van de Boksdoorn (Aldo)
of the Vrijsen family from Reusel (Holland)
Urs Van de Boksdoorn after a heavy day
Milord Van de Boksdoorn