Introducing our kennel...

When I first saw those Boxer eyes, I was swept off my feet.  I was moved and tears were brought to my eyes.  It was love at first sight!
We were able to buy Crisje on one condition: we had to breed a litter with her... .
On the sixth of May 1978 Crisje delivered 6 beautiful pups, 4 males and 2 females.  It wasn't difficult to make a choice.  I chose the lightly brindled Cindy and my husband chose the darker Carla.  These two dogs showed us the way to exhibitions where a lot of Boxers were present in those days.  The competition was tough but we always managed to get to the first row and many times first place.

Gary v. Ostpark & Diana v.d. Boxerpforte

Afterwards we bred a lot of beautiful Boxers with titles of King and Queen of the Belgian Boxer Club, Prince and Princess of the Belgian Boxer Club, Europasieger(in), Belgian, Luxemburg, Dutch, German, Spanish and even Indian Champion.  To name a few: Quirientje came in first 58 times among which the title of Europasiegerin.  When we mated Ch. Regilio and Quirientje, Belgian, Luxemburg, German, Dutch, International Champion and Europasieger Toekaan Van de Boksdoorn was born and also Champion bitch Tiffany Van de Boksdoorn.
Regilio fathered a number of champions like Tikki and Tamie Van de Boksdoorn.  Tikki is Belgian and Luxemburg Champion and fathered champions in Belgium, France, Sweden, Germany, Poland and even Russia.  Champion Velvet Van de Boksdoorn (Belgian and Luxemburg Champion) also lives in our kennel.  He's the son of top bitch Tiara Van de Boksdoorn and Dominant.  He stayed in Finland for a year during which he was responsible for 1/3 of the Finnish stud services.

But unfortunately the Boxer changed a lot in a short period because Germany, country of origin introduced the cropping prohibition.  The beautiful and "tight" appearance of the head is gone.  I'm very sorry about this.  The regal appearance has disappeared.  Before the prohibition they all looked as if they were wearing a crown.  It's a shame.  The popularity of the breed has diminished in Germany because of these regulations, especially when the tail cropping prohibition was introduced.

Zidaan Van de Boksdoorn

It is no longer the same dog and I think this will become clear in a couple of years.  A lot of our pups are exported abroad because of this, which shows that the people abroad cannot live with these regulations.

When the tail cropping prohibition will be introduced in our country in 2006 I will have difficulties dealing with this, because I wholeheartedly love the character of this optimist.

And once more: it's in his eyes... .

Thank you for visiting our site and enjoy !

Rozette Timmers - Oyen